Book review: Elevation

Elevation by Stephen King


I read Elevation this week. Very short, but very good.

I rate it 21 out of a possible 25. (see My Book Reviews for rating explanation)

The premise: A man experiences rapid weight loss, yet he does not lose any mass – he remains the same size, but just becomes lighter! As he approaches the weight of zero, he seeks redemption; thus, revealing the good and decent man he is. As he becomes weightless, the effect mimics the loss of gravity, until eventually he’s unable keep himself on the ground.

Anyone who knows me also knows that I’m an avid Stephen King fan. I suppose you could say he’s my literary hero. That’s not to say that I’ve loved every book he’s ever written, certainly I haven’t, but it’s rare that I’m disappointed. Maybe I’m biased, but I really enjoyed Elevation.

Here are my thoughts and rating on Elevation.

  • Craft (5) – The book is superbly-written. I would expect nothing less from the throne.

  • Pace (4) – The pace is fine. The book is so damn short that there’s no time to slow the story down. At times, it was too fast.

  • Characters (5) – Stephen King’s strength is characterization. He brings characters to life in a way very few writers can. Elevation is no exception. Even in such a short book, with such a short span of time, I believed it.

  • Story (4) – Not every story has to have every single thing explained to make it good. Sometimes, the story that matters most are the stories within the story - the characters themselves. The people and how they’ll end up becomes the compelling factor. Elevation is just a good story about people in a bizarre scenario. If you’re too analytical or rigid, you may not feel the love that I had for it. But if you just want a world to escape to, then Elevation will get you there.

  • Ending (3) – My main complaint about Stephen King is that he does not end well. More times than not, I’m disappointed with his endings. Elevation didn’t leave me feeling robbed, and it wrapped up nicely for the characters. That said, many things were never explained, nor was it ever made known where some of the characters ended up .

I recommend reading Elevation. It’s an especially good read if you want something quick. Maybe on a flight or just to pass an evening.  

If you like Stephen King, you’ll enjoy Elevation.