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Just a quick explanation on the review and scoring process.

I’ve never reviewed a book beyond general conversation with other readers. I love to read so my goal is simply to post my thoughts on whatever book I just read. Maybe this will help you in your search for a good story.

It’ll have a writer’s bias, but that should go without saying. It won’t be a literary or grammatical deconstruction; I’m sure I’m not qualified to do that.

I’ll use a simple rating system. I’ll rate a 1 – 5 in each category, then use the total as the overall rating for the book. Higher the rate, the better I liked it. The highest possible rate is 25. I hope it all makes sense.

I’ll review the books from five perspectives:

  • Craft (score 1 - 5) –The craftsmanship of the word-slinger.

  • Pace (score 1 - 5) – Does it drag-on with description or does it zip past in dialogue.

  • Characters (score 1 - 5)– The key piece of any story; do the characters come alive.

  • Story (score 1 - 5) – The foundation of it all. Was I on the edge of my seat, or did I guess the ending at page 5, or did I put it down unable to get into it.

  • Ending (score 1 - 5) - So often, the ending falls short on a great story. I won’t spoil the book and tell you how it ends, but I will score it based on how the ending impacted me.

The posts won’t be long, but hopefully informative. And of course, I’d love your thoughts as well. Something to balance it out. I need the Yin to my Yang.

With that said, let’s do this thing.

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